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I tried my hand at some crafting today. I have been meaning to try this since last Christmas, and hadn’t gotten around to it. I found a picture on pinterest ( oh pinterest…I will never live up to you…) of mason jars coated in epson salt, using mod podge and a clear sealant coat. Put a candle inside, and tada! Easy right? 

I already have 11 mason jars (Don’t ask about the 12th…there was a minor incident with one of those christmas jar recipes…) Well I didn’t have a paint brush or sponge to apply the glue, and being determined, subbed a plastic knife. This made things a bit…globby? Is that a word? So I globbed this glue on, and rolled the mason jar in epsom salt, and sprayed the darn thing down with clear sealant.




Haha, these are not mine, these are what mine SHOULd have looked like…

These things are ugly, ya’ll. There a pieces just falling off the bottom, and the glue is so thick it’s leaving strips. And they are out there drying on our deck, and I’m 90% sure the forecast says rain tonight. 

So, moral of the story is, fail. 

But, even so, at least it was pleasant distraction for the evening. Today was a good day, with lots of blessings. It was my half day, and I was so thankful for that little extra time this afternoon to put away the laundry, watch Project Runway, and go to the gym without being so ridiculously tired. I was lucky enough to be done seeing patient’s at 9:45, giving a good 2 hours to catch up on paperwork, which unfortunately I desperately needed. I spoke with my mom on the phone, which is always a bringer of joy. And I’m starting to finally get caught up on our James bible study lessons, of which I have been horribly slacking. 

The chapters I read today were, appropriately enough, about Joy. This study is by Beth Moore, who I just love, and she makes the point that James just dives right into the issue.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4


How hard is that right??? I used to read this part of the chapter when I was in grad school, and just completely not get it. I mean, I got it. I got that the Lord wanted us to be joyful. But it’s nice to know, and lucky for me, that that wasn’t exactly the point. Our trials bring joy. They aren’t joyful when we are going through them. In fact, they are down right painful, annoying and full of things that are exact opposites of that joy.

But just think about our purpose on this earth. The whole reason we are here is to be perfected in Jesus. Not perfect. Perfected. There is a difference, which Beth states so much more eloquently than me. But to paraphrase, we are here for a purpose, and God will not stop until we have reached that full potential. How terrible would it be to get to the end of your life and not have reached that? I can’t think of anything worse than missing the point of my ENTIRE life. This journey, this place you are in right now, is on purpose. You are on purpose. Whatever you’re doing right this minute, God wanted you here for a reason.

And I so often get off track. I get distracted by the idea of a house, or notoriety, or new boots even. And those things aren’t even close to the point. I will be the first to tell you, I have no idea at 25 years old what my life purpose is. But I will tell you that God and I are taking this thing one day at a time. And when I fail, daily, He reminds me of why I’m here, and gets me back on the God track for my life. 

Sometimes this means trials. This means gritting your teeth and holding on for the ride, and praying to God for wisdom ( read a few more verses in James to get there ) so that you make it through the stuff that on earth is not so nice. But let’s all be honest. If all of our lives were “perfect” in the worldly sense. If we never lost a friend, fell into depression, had a disappointment, experienced sorrow, how would we ever reach out to the world with compassion? Where would we get our perseverence? Where would come our character? 

I don’t believe God brings sorrow. I firmly believe the Devil comes at each one of us, and since we live in a fallen world, sorrow is inevitable. But God can turn that sorrow, that anguish (seriously, get the James bible study. It will rock your world.) into singing. He can bring that sadness into Joy. He can give you a spirit of perseverance. 



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