March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh my. so tired.

Day 1 of clinical 3 down. It affects me in ways I wish it wouldn’t.

Everyone is friendly and nice. My CI is…intense. but sweet. And I got done early. But man, is this mentally draining or what??? I think honestly it’s all mental. Well, that and I’m not use to the 9-5 yet. But actually, today was really only 6 hours. Just think, tomorrow will be much worse.

Bad attitude. I am grateful really. Everyone was helpful today. I learned a lot. It wasn’t long, tedious, and ridiculously boring like Day 1 of my last clinical. I have yet to burst into tears. Things are looking up. I have a lot to learn, but I’m excited to learn it. 

And honestly, I’ve decided to avoid pressuring myself. Life is better taken a day at a time. I will study and work hard, but I won’t mentally kill myself again. There’s been too much of that in my life, and it’s wearing. Despite the mistakes I made today, and the one’s I’ll surely make tomorrow, I’ll live each moment as it comes, knowing that the grace of God is with me. 

So “Ommm” and deep breathing, and all that calming stuff. Because it’s over. I made it. 60 days to go 🙂


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