February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been doing some reading.

I found the bookA Beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas in my parent’s basement. I’ve been looking for devotionals for awhile, something meaningful to think about each morning. Usually I gravitate towards actual chapter books, and this one seemed perfect, as well as inexpensive(!), which is good criteria for a grad student.

In the book, Angela goes through the beatitudes, one per chapter, and applies it to a woman’s life. I love books geared towards women anyway (gee, I wonder why?) but this one definitely speaks to me. I just read the chapter entitled “Falling in Love” based on the beatitude:

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

I love her take on this verse. She speaks in the chapter about how it’s easy to lose track of your hunger for Jesus, to become distracted by life’s events. She calls the reader to think back on a time in their lives when they first fell in love for Jesus, to recall that previous passion. And she speaks of Jesus as an understanding creator, who understands that we are merely human, yet longs for us to hunger for Him. And our life is a beautiful offering when we begin to hunger and thirst after Christ, to allow him to fill our daily lives and to seek his face.

I’m obviously paraphrasing, as I’m definitely not a writer. But this devotional spoke to me. I do get distracted. I have fallen away from daily seeking Jesus. I may pray in passing, or even spend 10 minutes reading a book about Him, but I have lost my hunger and thirst for righteousness.

So ask. Ask God to fill you with that desire again. And seek Him actively, passionately, and daily. hourly. I’m saying this for myself.

“Life is a beautiful offering when you are crying out for God to come and make you hungry for his righteousness, because He is the only One who will satisfy your spiritual appetite with the food that can fill your soul” -Angela Thomas A Beautiful Offering.



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