February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yeah, so I cheated.

I went grocery shopping on Tuesday. That’s the day the health food store gets their weekly bread shipment, according to my sources, so I popped over there after class to stock up on vegan-friendly groced goods. Problem- I was rushing. I knew I wanted pita chips and hummus for a snack so I went over to the chip section, but couldn’t find my usual brand. I found an alternate but it was…wait for it…$6/bag! Now, in case you didn’t know, let me just make this clear: I am in Graduate school. Thusly, I am on a tight (tight!) budget.

I kept looking. A few minutes later, I found the bread section, and lo and behold, there are another brand of pita chips. Still not the brand I usually purchase but much more reasonably priced, so, relieved, I threw a bag in my cart. I paid for my purchases and went home.

I spent an hour making Tabouli (okay so, I wasn’t super involved. It took an hour to refrigerate after dumping it in a bowl and adding water…) and once it was ready, it was 2pm and I was STARVING. (again, very dramatic. I would have been fine.) So I grabbed my pita chips and realized: They were parmesan. Blerg!

I still ate them. I admit it. I’m going to finish the bag. I have been reading labels like crazy for the last 12 days, and trying to avoid the smallest bits of animal product, but I am going to eat these parmesan flavored pita chips. They are almost gone.


Editors Note: The above blog was written January 12, 2012, during the month I was a very reluctant vegan. It was accidentally not published, thusly is being published almost a month later.


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