January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

TV: 1, PTSE: 0

My motivation to study drops drastically after 11am. For some reason I have programmed my body to study up in the AM and chill down in the PM. Seriously, this whole break has been a constant battle between me and Netflix.

Today Netflix conquered me, I am ashamed to admit. My morning was taken up by running errands and taking kittens to the vet, my afternoon shamelessly (shamefully…) wasted on two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and a HIMYM marathon. 8 pm and I can’t stop.

It’s funny, because I can never just shake it off. I always get the feeling. I can never just relax, especially if it’s all I’ve been doing all day. My brain cannot mentally shut off the panic mode of STUDY STUDY STUDY.

But here I am. I know if I crack a book, I won’t get a thing out of it. It’s just how my mental process works. This close to bed time and I just don’t soak it in. All through college I’ve been the one who wakes up at 4am and goes to bed at 10pm the night before a test. I don’t pull all-nighters. I barely pull nighters. And yet right now I feel the draw to cram info into my brain. In 5 days I have a test over EVEYRTHING I have ever learned in grad school. I should be more worried.


You know what? Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will wake up, do my devotions, eat a good breakfast, and sit down and study. I will read about geriatrics and pediatrics and orthopedics and neurology. I’ll cram different types of wound dressings into my brain in the morning. For now, I think I won’t get another chance to ever sit on a couch and marathon veg out. At least not for awhile. So I’m gonna stick with that. I’ll let ya know how that goes in a few weeks when I get the results of my written comps back.


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