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Day Two of Vegan-ism

And it’s going slooooow.

I crammed 5 cream puffs in my mouth right before midnight on December 31 as a last goodbye to dairy. And then away we went.

Day 1 was good. I googled vegan eating out, and found out that (although abysmally small) there is a selection . This enabled us to eat Taco Bell for lunch (7-layer no cheese or sour cream), so small victories there. I’ve also found this diet is forcing me to cook more- It took me an hour to whip up some stir fry for supper, but it turned out pretty decent. Although I will say rice noodles are very easy to overcook..

Day 2 has been a bit harder. I got way too much enjoyment out of eating my chocolate flavored calcium chews. That was what I missed the most today: the chocolate. Upon some googling I found certain chocolate brands that make vegan dark chocolate. Guess who’s going shopping tommorrow?

I’ve realized over break that I’ve let myself become lax in my eating habits. I knew this, but I didn’t’ get the full effect until today. I’ve found myself walking past the table 2 or 3 times just dying for something to stuff something in my mouth. It’s almost a boredom issue: I have some downtime that I don’t know what to do with, and I walk into the kitchen. It’s a conditioned response that I’m now trying to break. It’s working, and that makes me feel good. The constant snacking leaves me constantly full, and I’ve realized now that the feelings gone how much better I feel without it. I feel satisfied, but not stuffed to the brim. It’s nice to wake up in the morning hungry, and not with a “food hangover” like before.

So I meant to document my food choices each day, more as a reference for myself than anything else, so I’m going to fill in Day 1 and Day 2 now.

Day 1

Breakfast- Flax seed bread with soy butter and grape jam

Lunch- 7-layer burrito no cheese or sour cream

Snack- honey roasted peanuts and dried apricots

Dinner- Stir fry vegetables with rice noodles and stir fry sauce

Day 2

Breakfast- Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon

Lunch- Subway vege sub on whole wheat bread

Snack- guacamole and corn chips, vege chips, dried apricots

Supper- Indian lentils with veges over rice and chocolate coconut milk

And there it is. My food so far. The chocolate coconut milk was a godsend today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. 


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