December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fun Fact: There is such a thing as nutritional yeast flakes.

I know this because I now own them. I am not sure what they are used for, but they are in pretty much every recipe of the vegan cookbook I’m using. There are also such products as egg replacer powder, coconut milk creamer, and vegan hamburgers. These things are all in my kitchen.

We went shopping yesterday in preparation for the new year. My mom and sister have decided to go on this food adventure as well, so we all went halfsies on certain products (see above) in order to save some money. Because one aspect of this journey that should be documented is that this stuff is Pricey. It also took twice as long because of having to label read everything, like some crazy obsessive crackpot. Trying to weed out all milk derivatives AND nut products (allergy) was an adventure. I was That Guy in the aisle in front of you blocking all the oatmeal products frantically searching labels for caseinate or whey. I hated myself just a little bit.

Also in preparation for this exciting new month, I had pizza and cheesecake for supper last night. Just because I still can. (After typing that sentence I googled vegan cheesecake. I think maybe I’ll just forgo this over the next month.)

But, I digress. I am now (semi) prepared. 1.5 days and counting…


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