December 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’m attempting to become vegan

I’m not sure why. I think this is one of those things that happen when I have too much spare time. I form this idea in my head of how I should better myself, and make lofty goals. And then I start school/clinical again and find that I don’t have the resolve I once had. This is why I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday in September (after summer break) and still don’t know how to use it.Image

However…I’m resolved to attempt this. Mainly because I want to see if I feel any better. Lately i’ve felt sluggish. Granted, my exercise level has decreased drastically with the beginning of the colder weather. Hopefully this will pick back up with my gym access when I get back to school.

But I shall chronicle this probable disaster here. I’ve prepared in the only way I know how: google. I’ve decided that with extra vitamin intake and a general meal plan, I probably won’t become anemic and die. Which is always a good thing. But i’ll keep you updated.

But, in summary, New Year’s Resolution #1: Become Vegan.


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